Exceptional Games For the New Internet Market

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The market for computer games has long been an antithesis to the console market: a more expensive but versatile machine, games overflowing but without any other quality control than the commercial sanction. Thus, facing the console market, the computer game displays its openness and opportunism. Indeed, the console is governed by a life cycle that makes it quickly obsolete (and with it its dedicated toy library acquired at great expense), while computer games benefit from the permanent evolution of the power of the machine while ensuring better backward compatibility PC games, thanks to the virtual monopoly of the Windows operating system.

The Other Details

In addition, computers were the first to access the game network and online, the economic viability of this mode of plays having been validated by the success of Doom (Id Software, 1993). Finally, through the Internet, any developer can offer a game for computer without going through the filter of a publisher, which allowed the emergence of an independent creation, often offered free.

The Presentation

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For its part, the game on mobile phone represents a huge potential market since the rate of equipment is higher, at the end of 2009, to two thirds of the world population ( 95% in France ), which places it in front of all the other supports. This market, however, suffers from lack of standard, each brand promoting ergonomics and operating logic different models. Therefore a game must be adapted to each phone to be usable. The market is therefore both heterogeneous and volatile, because old games no longer work on new phone models, and the success of a game is closely linked to its visibility on the terminal in fashion, so to the agreements with the operators. Mobile network gaming also suffers from lack of interoperability terminals, which still often prevent playing together. Thus the turnover of the mobile video game compared to the number of users of mobile phones is still only 2.12 dollars on average in 2008. Only smartphones of last generation, more ergonomic and more powerful, actually allow playing together via the Internet. The success of Apple’s iPhone, sold to 50 million copies in 3 years, has boosted the development of mobile games.

Hierarchical actors

A game is created by a developer, financed by a publisher and, for the console market, validated and pressed by the console. Since the publication In 1983 (Nintendo’s first home console), manufacturers initially offer their consoles at cost or even at a loss, in order to quickly build a pool of players. The barrier of entry of the market is thus very strong. Three manufacturers have imposed themselves today: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Now all are parts of history with the perfect gaming sites like Run 3 unblocked coming forth with the best results.

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